what to wear

What you wear is easily the most important thing after choosing your Photographer for your session! I mean, you already have me so you’re already going in the right direction here. So good job you! (lol) — Ok, sorry. Back to your clothes. The most important thing. Did I mention that? Finding outfits can be super stressful. You want to look your best and be able to move during your session. Just some basic pointers. Textures and neutrals are your friends and never go out of style. What is considered “in” right now might not be what is “in” 20 years from now and I strive for your photos to be timeless. You want to coordinate, not match! I can’t stress this enough. Everyone has their own style and their own personality in your family right? So let that show, just tone it right. Make sure that your family vibes together but still represents each of you. If you feel like you look good then you are going to feel confident during our session which makes my job of making you comfortable and capturing all of the personalities in your family much easier!

You invest in your photographs and invest in me as your photographer so your session and how the images come out is something that is important… your story is so important to me. I want your photos to reflect all of the unique personalities that make your family special and I don’t want the stress of outfits to take away from that.

So. I did a really awesome thing for all of my kjk family! Because that’s what you are now, you are a huge piece of my very own little family and you deserve amazing outfits for your photos! I teamed up with Style and Select. I know you’re probably thinking “ ok, what the heck is that? ” - Style & Select is an interactive styling tool that I have provided to you at zero cost! You can utilize this complimentary service to view, coordinate and shop outfits for everyone in your session. All clothes are photo-approved items and the best part is, the creators of Style and Select do all of the work for you! You simply start styling with the styling code that I provided in my welcome email! So cool right?! Even better. All of my clients that use this tool will receive $25 off their next session with me. So you get a me as your photographer (the best deal, obviously) — a free styling tool to make ya’ll look amazing AND you get $25 off your next session… feel free to email me and let me know how I am your new favorite person.

If I still haven’t sold you on using this awesome styling tool… here is a link to their website for some further information on how it all goes.

Click here to learn more!

If you’re totally sold to get $25 off your next session and look amazing, check back in your email for my welcome email to get your access code and then…

Click here to start styling!