third trimester update.

back to high risk, curbing my sweet tooth and feeling large and not so in charge.

So... over the last few weeks I’ve kinda kept y’all in the loop of my sugar testing and all that jazz. Turns out I have gestational diabetes. Which was extremely puzzling to me. I eat fairly healthy but don’t deprive myself. I’ve only gained 25lbs with this pregnancy. No symptoms... I’ve been pretty lucky that although pregnancy isn’t bliss to me it has been pretty uneventful. For whatever reason when our doctor diagnosed me I was feeling extremely defeated, for lack of a better word and when the talk of inducing me around 37-38 weeks came up I really just cried and continued to cry for the day. My doctor explained to me something I didn’t know... gestational diabetes has everything to do with your placenta and baby. They told us that I could eat completely clean and healthy and exercise and still end up having gestational diabetes and potentially need insulin because apparently sometimes your placenta acts as an insulin blocker and the baby likes the sugar so it’s constantly keeping mom’s sugars higher instead of letting them drop down. Something I had never heard of before. Gestational diabetes can also be a hereditary thing, apparently... and my mom had it with me

- clearly because I’m so sweet - ;)

Monday. We went in for an ultrasound to get measurements on our baby girl and get a better idea of what the GD is doing and how baby girl is doing. GD so far hasn’t had any affects on her, but they do want to keep it that way. So, I’ll be seeing high risk doctors in addition to my normal doctors and checking my sugars 4 times a day. She’s head down already. Measuring in at 4lbs 11oz and in the 73rd percentile. Doctors say she’s perfect. Had to do my first NST (non-stress test) which is really just lying in a comfy chair hooked to monitors listening to your baby’s heart rate and the swishing of her moving. She passed even while I was having some contractions. From here until she comes on her own or until they decide when they’re going to induce me, I’ll have 3 doctors appointments a week which will include weekly NSTs and ultrasounds. Luckily all my amazing August clients rescheduled and understood that my full time job needs to be monitoring this tiny human!

Prepping for our baby shower and loving all of the items that keep getting sent to our house! Her room is complete and we even have started setting up things like the bassinet and pack n play! Looking more like a baby is coming around this house!

Overall still feeling good... just getting a tad more uncomfortable now that we are in the home stretch! Can’t believe there’s a chance baby girl will be here within the next 5-6 weeks!

Just a third trimester update for ya! My next update will be when she’s here! Eeeeekkkk!!!

xxo, koiya