hello gldn + kjkphotographs = magic

As a new business owner... I've been unsure on how much "personal" I should let into my business... and then I spent a day with Chelsea, the owner of Hello Gldn. Chelsea is super fun, very real, down to earth and just herself, barefoot and curly haired, unapologetically herself. After using her company, Hello Gldn, for a few small collaborations for beautiful floral arrangements, bouquets, flowers crowns and wreaths, Chelsea asked me if I could do her headshots for her website. I was beyond flattered when she asked me and so excited to come up with ideas together. We chose to use the Packard Proving Grounds, not only because it was a mid December day with about a foot of snow on the ground, but because of the beautiful, historic, industrial feel of the buildings. Chelsea brought a beautiful and wild color palate of florals that had a mix of pinks, yellows, merlots and greens to work with. We set up a table and spread out all of the florals to create a beautiful mess. Throughout the Session while I snapped pictures, Chelsea and I talked about being new business owners and what that meant to us. I couldn't help but feel refreshed by her thoughts that seemed to match up with mine. We both seemed to give each other a sense of validation and confidence in our decision to move into 2018 with rebranding and organizing as simply, ourselves. I told her how I was unsure how much was too much when it came to being personal, and in the midst of it all I realized that my business is in fact, me. This Session was the first time since starting my business in June that I truly felt growth. Not only in my business, but in my personal confidence as a business owner as well. I have spent most of my nights editing and organizing for the new year and haven't had as much time as I would have liked to dedicate to just learning and experimenting. So, I decided that before this Session I would make sure that I learned and experimented and trusted my vision along with Chelsea's. The outcome was beautiful and has given me even more confidence in trusting myself and my visions for Sessions, something I have been searching for!

With that said, my goals for 2018 are to do just that. Put more "me" into my business, dedicate more time to learning and blogging about my experiences, my life, my business and my growth!

xxo, Koiya


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& just when I think it doesn't get any better... Chelsea drops this off on my front porch for me to come home to before the holiday break!! <3

xxo, Koiya

Source: www.kjkphotographs.com