second trimester update.

second trimester update + nursery reveal + name announcement

Whoa… it’s been a little while!

13 weeks if you want to be exact!

I am officially 27 weeks pregnant!

The start of the third trimester - SO CRAZY!

Photo by: Jessica Lynn Perry

Photo by: Jessica Lynn Perry

I figured now would be a great time to update everyone on the second trimester since I haven’t blogged much since we announced we were pregnant! Since then, life has been so busy! I picked up more sessions since I have been feeling better, we had countless doctors appointments, planned the baby shower, did all of our baby registries and completed baby girl’s room!

Sessions have been going great, aside from being more out of breath than normal… I love that I am able to see some of my favorite families before taking a long maternity leave!

Doctors appointments have been going great. She’s measuring right on track and our anatomy scan was perfect! My next appointment will be the dreaded gestational diabetes test! They gave me the orange drink at our last appointment so I could drink it at home before my appointment instead of sitting at the office for an hour which is a cool change they’ve made.

Our baby shower is officially planned thanks to my Mom (Grammy) and Mother in law (Grandma)! I cannot wait to celebrate this baby with all of our closest friends and family. It’s going to be out at Blake’s Cider Mill since they have so many awesome wines and hard ciders now! Plus their food and atmosphere is totally up our alley.

We registered at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon and seriously guys, it was a trip. Way more intense than doing a wedding registry haha! I felt like we went in thinking we were pretty prepared and ended up having so many questions and honestly learning so much. Buy Buy Baby has amazing employee’s that have all taken classes on the department that they’re working in and they were so knowledgeable on all of their products! It made making decisions on important things like carseat safety and strollers so much easier! We ended up spending almost four hours in the store registering for things! So happy that part is over haha!

Over all, the second trimester treated me pretty great. I continued to be pretty nauseous through 16 weeks and then my doctors decided medication was necessary. They put me on a medication called Diclegis and let me tell you, it is worth every penny. It was a night and day difference for me. They were concerned that I wasn’t gaining much weight up until then and it was because I honestly couldn’t eat. I was on a toast and cereal diet basically. I could stomach a little fruit here and there and that was about it. Once getting on the medication I could eat like normal and function through the day. Before that my nausea had me pretty much on the couch or in bed trying not to vomit.

At 27 weeks now, I am feeling great!

Gaining some weight more regularly now so the doctors are no longer concerned with that and most important of all I am EATING! LOL! Around 15 weeks I started feeling flutters and around 19 weeks I started bugging my husband Brian to see if he could feel her pretty much every day and he never could. He was finally able to feel her at about 22 weeks and now he can literally watch her rolling and kicking like crazy in there. It’s honestly so amazing to me how much she grows and things change each week. Honestly how much my belly grows each week as well. It’s truly amazing what a woman’s body can do. I still am in disbelief some days that my body is doing all of this and that I am actually (finally) getting to experience this season of life. I am forever grateful for this experience and for our daughter.

I will be honest, because I don’t think everyone always is… I do not LOVE being pregnant. I definitely have had a pretty great pregnancy so far, nausea set aside, but, it’s weird and amazing and gross and uncomfortable all at the same time. I went from having a bump to a big belly very fast and it was not as easy as I though it would be. I thought for sure I would be this blissful, happy, I love being pregnant person and that is totally not the case. Finding things to wear was and still is SO difficult. I end up wearing my husband’s t-shirt's whenever we are just at home because honestly that’s the most comfortable haha. It’s proven to be more challenging then I thought to accept all of the changes going on with my body. Which is then hard because this is something we have wanted for so long that it ends up making me feel guilty. Another thing that has been pretty challenging for me is the fact that I cannot do all of the things I usually could do myself. Like a full day of landscaping or filling my new garden bed with two yards of dirt. Or lifting and moving furniture around for the nursery. These sound like silly things, I know, but as a fire wife, sometimes I have multiple days by myself so not being able to do whatever needs to be done that I normally would just do has been a hard thing to accept. It’s weird needing people when you’re used to being so independent!

But, regardless of all of that. Things are going great and our baby girl is growing stronger and stronger every day! We recently did our maternity photos and it was honestly such a blast. I am going to do a full blog post with that gallery when we get it because our experience with Jessica Lynn Perry deserves its own spotlight!

If you’ve made it this far - I apologize for all my rambling on and on!

I know you’re really here to see her nursery reveal and find out what her name is!

We still need a few odds and ends for the nursery, different light fixture, something behind the rocker and a bookshelf of some sort for all the books she will have, but over all, it’s finished!

So… here it is!

Ellie Lin <3

Our sweet daughter.

There’s a little story behind her name. Before we started trying for a baby… so almost 3-4 years ago. We were in my Aunt Linda’s pool with my Aunt and my Mom, soaking up the sun and just talking about the future when kids came up. My Mom had brought up a couple names with Ellie being one of her favorites and my Aunt Linda saying she loved it as well. Brian and I both thought the name was super cute and it just kind of stuck in the back of our minds throughout our whole process of trying to create and keep a tiny human. To us, she became this little person before she even truly existed. We both knew, our first baby girl would be named Ellie. As for her middle name, we, well I, had a full list of cute southern charm type middle names that went with Ellie. We figured eventually we would just choose one if it was a girl. After my Aunt passed away in October 2018 and we found out we were pregnant NYE, we calculated the due date… my Aunt Linda’s birthday, September 13th. Around 13 weeks we found out we were having a baby girl and both of us agreed that we needed her name to honor my Aunt Linda who we feel so strongly had something to do with honoring us with this baby girl who may very well share her birthday with such an amazing woman she sadly won’t ever get to meet.

So… Ellie Lin just seems perfect!

xxo, koiya