mommy + me

Sometimes, as a photographer, I feel like I get in little creative ruts that discourage me. Sometimes my style seems inconsistent and ranges from borderline moody to brighter and bolder. I joined a wonderful Traveling Dress Series that allows me to rent beautiful dresses for a set period of time and it has been such a great decision. I look forward to each series and it gets my creative mind thinking again and again. This Mommy + Me Session just happened to fit right in with this Traveling Dress Series and I even was able to have another fellow photographer in front of my camera! The beautiful Kayla Townsend from Kayla Townsend Photography, go show her some love! I also had the pleasure of meeting her adorable kiddos who are just so happy and full of life and adventure! We started this Session in the middle of golden hour so you'll see my style change from light to darker due to the sun being almost completely set. However, it taught me that my style depends on my surroundings and not to stress over consistency as much I do, because I don't know about you, but I think each and every one of these photos of Kayla and her babies is gorgeous.

Kayla, thank you so much for not only being a trooper for this Mommy + Me Session. But also for being a fellow Photographer friend that is constantly there for advice, vents and inspiration! Keep killing girl! <3

xxo, Koiya