mommy + me

In love with everything about these Mommy and Me Sessions! Not only did these ladies come with their adorable daughter's to model pieces from my Client Closet (what the heck is that? click here!) But, they also came prepared and ready to get in front of the camera themselves and wear some of the Women's pieces from the Client Closet!! I absolutely love photographing Mother's with their babies. Motherhood is something that is undeniably such a pure form of love. I love that I am able to capture the love that Mother's have for their children and deliver it through beautiful images and memories that they will never forget. 

I feel so privileged to be able to call this my job!! Thank you so much to Holly, Melissa and Alyssa for sharing your afternoon with me and letting me meet your little ones! So great to meet all six of you and I look forward to hopefully seeing you and your families throughout the years!

xxo, Koiya